The greatest Biomass Boiler Engineers are suitably experienced and qualified in 3 key aspects of engineering as well as having outstanding communication and organisational skills. This ensures that all maintenance and repairs are carried out to the highest standards and ensures that your system will conform to all manufacturer warranty requirements.

A Biomass Boiler installer is only as good as their workforce so at AB Energy Centre we ensure the best and most highly trained staff are here for you 24 hours a day, maintaining your system and we promise to keep maintaining your system until decommissioning dates in 20 plus years time.

Our Engineers at AB Energy Centre have a minimum of 5 years experience in the field of Biomass and Solar and are suitably trained and qualifies in the main 3 fields of the renewable energy industry to ensure they are the most competent engineers possible to carry out work on your system.
Key Skills & Qualifications:

Electrical – Biomass Boilers and the attachments to Biomass systems contain a large number of intricate electronic items switch gear and control systems such as PLC’s, these are very complex pieces of kit that could develop a fault under certain conditions. This equipment must only be worked on by suitably qualified and experienced electrical engineers.

At AB Energy Centre we strongly believe in repairing parts for Biomass systems if it is possible to repair rather than just replacing the item (providing that it is cost effective to do so).

Hydraulic (plumbing) – Biomass Boilers installations contain complex plumbing systems that are unique to the industry and should never be worked on by anyone who does not have a wealth of experience and qualifications suitable for working with these systems.

It is also important to note that any additions made to a RHI registered Biomass systems must be approved by Ofgem and amendments made to your RHI application through an RHI agent.  Contact us for more information on this on 01228 318900.

Mechanical – Biomass Boilers and their fuel feed systems are full of mechanical parts that must be maintained by a suitably trained and experienced mechanical engineer to ensure motor loads and material stress loads are not exceeded.

Failure to maintain these system correctly could result in failure of motors, augers and drive systems in your Biomass Boiler.

For more information on Biomass Boilers click the link below or get in touch on 01228 318900