Solar PV – Detailed Questionaire

Solar PV Sales Enquiry - Detailed

Solar PV Sales Enquiry - Detailed

A more detailed version of our general enquiry form for anyone looking to buy a Solar PV system.

Enquiry Type *
If not a business, write "Domestic"
If domestic, what times are you usually using electricity at home.
Don't worry if you don't have exact figures, we will help you later. But please do give us an estimated use.
Electricity Tariff Type *
This will either be one rate if standard, two rates if day/night (economy 7) or several rates if on an hourly tariff. On your bill its pence per kWh e.g. 25.6p/kWh
This can be found on your electricity bill. See this link for guidance:
Electrical Supply Type *
Feel free to upload your electricity bill if you are struggling to find some of the details we require.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

Type of Solar PV system required *
Orientation - Will the solar panels mostly face...
Roof material *
The estimated dimensions of the area in meters.
Why are you looking at installing Solar PV? *