It seems to be a horrible trend lately that more and more Renewable Energy and Biomass Installers are vanishing into the night and failing to for-fill their promises to maintain the 20-30 year system projects that they have installed.

However; at A B Energy Centre we will never leave a system behind, we vow to maintain and sustain all projects and promise to honor servicing contracts and manufacturer warranties until decommissioning on new and old systems and we have been doing this for numerous customers that have fallen short of these vanishing Renewable Energy and Biomass Installers.

Both Biomass and Solar PV systems can be extremely technical and complex, they require a highly experienced and qualified engineer to Service and Maintain them. This should not be attempted by non certified engineers and this could void any manufacturer warranty on the installed systems.

All of ourĀ engineers are qualified to the highest standards and have at least 5 years of experience behind them ensuring that they can rectify any problems that may occur with your installed system.

We do this by working alongside manufacturers and UK distributors to ensure the health and well being of all Biomass and Solar P.V systems.

Please call us on 01228 318900 or get in touch for further information or to see if we can be of assistance with your renewable energy system.